The Pad Princess collects and distributes menstrual products to keep girls in school. Relying on donations, the organisation checks, sorts and repacks shop-soiled products before distributing them through partner organisations and their own school-based programs

The Pad Princess also supplies pads for Dignity Bags for raped or abused women and new mothers.

We supply women and children who have suffered abuse, rape and trauma with Dignity Bags containing essentials to help them regain their dignity. The bags contain toiletry basics and items for comfort, such as a blanket, scarf, notepad, and pen for adults, and coloring books, crayons, and a teddy bear for children.

Our dedicated team of Joseph Jersey knitters and crocheters are always busy producing amazing work throughout the year. They are currently working on winter beanies for the homeless, cell phone pouches, neck cuffs, shawls, toys, knee rugs, and baby blankets for those in need

One of our core projects since 2017. We collect gently-used, underwear and donate it to women in need to provide them with dignity and protection

S.O.U.P is a volunteer-run team that supports local soup kitchens and provides grocery hampers to individuals and families in need. They serve healthy and tasty meals to people in need, and also hand out blankets, soaps, socks and grocery hampers to individuals and families that are struggling to make ends meet

Kindness like Confetti Animal Action proudly supports SPCA Randburg, Sandton SPCA, Fairland Feral Cats and PETS JHB (Pet Empowerment in Townships). We are taking donations to buy food, and comfort items like bowls, blankets, kennels, etc.