The Pad Princess collects and distributes all types of menstrual products with the aim of keeping girls in school.

We rely on menstrual pads being donated by individuals, and a distribution centre provides their shop-soiled products which we check, sort and repackage.

We distribute these menstrual products through other organisations working on the ground in informal settlements, and disadvantaged areas. We also do our own school distribution and combine it with educational uplifting talks.

The Pad Princess also supplies pads for the Dignity Bags for raped or abused women, and maternity pads for new mothers. These are given out in maternity wards at government hospitals

Our dedicated team of Joseph Jersey knitters and crocheters produce amazing work throughout the year. They work on projects long before they are due. At the moment their target is winter beanies for the homeless, as well as cell phone pouches, neck cuffs and shawls for the elderly at old age homes. Knitted toys are needed for our Mandela Day event (NMH kids). Knee rugs and baby blankets are needed throughout the year.

S.O.U.P is a volunteer-run team that supports local soup kitchens in Greymont, Sofiatown, Blairgowrie etc. Serving healthy and tasty meals to people in need. We supply and distribute food that is dedicated to feeding the homeless community and working-class disadvantaged people. A stew, bread and fruit are provided. On occasion, we hand out blankets, soaps, socks and muffins.

S.O.U.P also provides grocery hampers to individuals and families that are struggling to make ends meet. The hampers are made up of non-perishable foods that are received from our generous donors, usually a spillover from the feeding scheme. The food bank stock varies, and more often very limited. Due to this, only a few people can be assisted each month – families are then placed on a waiting list.

Our aim is to supply women who have suffered from rape, a sexual offence or trauma (or any form of abuse) with the essentials to clean themselves up after the reporting and examination process at the police stations.The Dignity Bags consist of items to help the victim regain some dignity after the assault. The handbags contain toiletry basics such as a new pair of panties, toothpaste and toothbrush, unscented soap and face cloth, a lightweight blanket, a pretty scarf and a notepad and pen, to mention a few.

Recently we have had requests to start making children's comfort bags as many kids are caught up in crimes and abuse. They are often found abandoned over weekends. The bags are similar to the ladies bags, we add a colouring-in book, crayons and a small cuddly teddy or an age-appropriate toy. Ages 2 -17 years.

Project Uplift started in October 2017 and is now one of our core projects.

We collect your gently-used, unwanted or unloved bras and panties. The underwear we collect and donate provides women with dignity and protection; and by supporting women, we seek to bring about change and benefit the communities in which we live and operate

Kindness like Confetti Animal Action proudly supports SPCA Randburg, Sandton SPCA, Fairland Feral Cats and PETS JHB (Pet Empowerment in Townships). We are taking donations to buy food, and pet comfort items (bowls and blankets) and accepting food, kennels etc