2020 Calendar

Get Involved and Volunteer

1st - 30th Jan

The Stationery Drive

Collecting new and used stationery for the learners of Yeoville Community School and The Hilbrow learning Centre.

We're working in colaboration with Ashraful Aid and Mini Miricles.

4th Feb

World Cancer Day

Knitting, looming and crocheting beanies created by the Joseph Jersey Project Team.

The beanies will be handed over to The Brave Bag Foundation for distribution to patients undergoing chemotherapy at the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital.

18th Apr

The Easter Eggs-perience

We're collecting marshmallow Easter eggs for the young and old.

2019 we handed out to 21 different organisations and homes , which was a GRAND TOTAL of 6678.

We're hoping that we can beat this number in 2020.

23rd Jun

Africa Public Service Day

On the 23rd June we will be recognising the had work and dedication of our local S.A.P.S and Public Servants.

The Joseph Jersey Team will be knitting scarves and beanies in 'Police Blue'.

A collection of mugs and Cup-a-Soups to be given to the admin & support people.

17th July

Nelson Mandela Day

18th July marks Mandela Day where you can give your 67 minutes to make a difference.

We are hosting a Christmas In July luncheon for the residents at the Emmarentia Eventide Salvation Army Old Age Home. Refreshments, eats and entertainment that we would love to provide has been announced.

21st Sep

World Alzheimer Day

The Joseph Jersey Team will be handing over Twiddle Muffs to the dementia and alzheimer residents at old age homes in our area.

A twiddle muff provides a wonderful source of visual, tactile and sensory stimulation, and keeps hands snug and warm at the same time.

10th Oct

World Homeless Day

We're collecting basic toiletries for The Frida Hartley Shelter for destitute women and children in Yeoville.

Deodorant, sanitary pads, combs, disposable razors, perfume, facecreams, soap, toothpaste & toothbrush, lipbalm, and a shampoo, etc.

17th Nov

World Prematurity Day

KLC will be handing out preemie baby hampers to moms who come from impoverished backgrounds, who often feel hopeless with the new challenge of a baby.

Hampers will include baby toiletries, knitted matinee jacket, booties and a hat or beanie, a soft knitted toy and a blanket.